Online Reputation  Management

Your reputation is your best form of marketing!


Your customer are talking, but are you listening?


Collect feedback from all your customers.


Show others on the web how awesome you are.

As a business owner

you are aware that today’s customers have a voice and their public opinions have a massive role in your businesses’ success. Online reviews shape the perspectives of consumers to determine whether your company is worthy of their business.


online consumers consult reviews & ratings before purchasing goods or services.


people say a positive review makes them trust a business more.


users say that positive reviews impact their buying choice


unhappy customers will return to your business if an issue is quickly resolved

The problem is,

unhappy clients are usually more motivated to leave reviews than happy clients whose expectations were met by your business.  So how do you collect reviews from your happy clients?

It’s easy,

The answer is the Review Mojo reviews platform

We help you to be proactive in collecting reviews, positive or negative.
Negative Reviews
The negative reviews are kept private allowing you to discretely handle them
Positive Reviews
Positive reviews are easily shared on top online review sites like Google Maps, Facebook & Yelp.
Amplify the positive reviews on your site as  testimonials.

Embrace the revolution,

The truth is, a good reputation is the best form of marketing.
So let a ‘good name’ be the first thing your public sees about your company.

Monitor: Your customer talking, but are you listening?

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business by monitoring your reviews around the web. Our system is designed to keep you in the know about everything being said about your business as its happening.

  • Our innovative review monitoring lets you track your online company reviews across 400 review sites with daily updates.
  • Our Review Management System makes monitoring reviews easy with detailed daily reports and alerts to keep you constantly up-to-date.

Collect: Start the Conversation

Unleash the power of your reputation by collecting feedback from all your customers privately while nurturing positive feedback publically.

Amplify: Show consumers how awesome you are

If you remove all the hurdles and obstacles keeping a reviewer from sharing a positive experience, positive reviews will come easily and naturally.

With positive reviews collected, the goal is to amplify the conversation so that all reviews get the right level of attention.

We make it easy to share:

Website Testimonials

  • Aggregate your positive reviews on your site (in real time) as fresh testimonials

Social Media

  • Easily share your positive reviews on Twitter & Facebook with a click of a button

Boost your online reputation today!

Review Mojo gives you the platform to Listen, Collect and Amplify reviews effortlessly in one easy to use system.

Enterprise-grade software, sold by humans. No high-pressure sales tactics, no long-term contracts and we give you more for less: unlimited emails, SMS and tablet collection.

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